Venice Quillow™

All About Your Quillow™!

Made with two layers of 100% Polyester Fleece, you can wrap yourself in the lap of luxury with your new Fleece Quillow™. Soft and Cozy, your brushed Fleece Quillow™ is also pill-resistant.

Our new innovative "Foot Pocket" design means no more struggling to keep your throw on your feet. Plus the "Foot Pocket" design also doubles as a foot warmer. With its generous size of 70" in length, it will keep even the tallest person wamr and comfortable.

When finished using your Quillow™ as a throw, easily fold your Quillow™ back into its pocket creating a beautiful decorative pillow. Throw it in the car or SUV for the kids, take it to the game or use it as a blanket for a picnic. The uses are as endless as your imagination. Comfy and cozy, you'll never want to be wihout your Quillow™. An exceptional gift idea to work the heart (and toes) of everyone.

Care Instructions
Folding Instructions