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Blue or Black Denim with Top Stitching- Poly Batting

All About Your Quillow™

Made of 100% Cotton Denim with Top Stitching, you can wrap yourself in comfort and style with your new Denim W/Fur Trim Quillow™, comfortable, durable, and cozy, you can curl up almost anywhere with your new Quillow™.

No More Struggling to keep your throw on your feet with our new and innovative "Foot Pocket"™ design that also doubles as a foot warmer. Because it is so generously oversized at 70" in length it will keep even the tallest person warm and comfortable. When finished using your Quillow™ as a throw, you can easily fold your Quillow™ back into its pocket creating a beautiful decorative pillow. Use it at home or throw it in the car, SUV, motorhome, or recreational vehicle. Your Quillow™ is the perfect go anywhere item. The ways and places to use your Quillow™ are as endless as your imagination.

Comfy and cozy, you'll never want to be without your Quillow™. An exceptional gift idea to warm the heart (and toes) of everyone.




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